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exhaust questions

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How's the stock exhaust on the 450? Sound? power?

Is the full FBF exhaust worth it? The Ti can is nice. Does the exhaust add power/save weight/sound nice? Does it require rejetting?
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SuperRetard said:
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There is a grain of truth though in what he said about loudness<>power.
You want to be very critical when it comes to determining wether an exhaust actually produces more *umphh* or just blaring noise. Only the Dyno can tell the truth.

The thing I wonder though is, if like any other bike that is imported into the USA the Husky's are corked to be withing the legal emissions limits. A big red pig in Europe for example comes with 61 little wild horses pulling you forward and that is unheard of here ... you never get one from a normal Honda dealer that has more than 46 little tamed horses.
It would be interesting to find out if that is so for Husky as well.

I'll try and get some of the guys in the german Husky Forum to get some dyno results for 450's and 510's and then we'll see.

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Beavis said:
I´ll also try to get some dyno-results from over here. until now i only had one with the stock exhaust.

@ tom: where are you from and treibst du Dich auch hier rum
Ich flippe im Husqvarna Forum rum ... Ich komme ursprünglich aus Rheinland Pfalz, aber bin jetzt in Michigan.
Ubermoto said:
Wo sind sich Sie in Michigan befunden? <courtesy of>

Where are located in Michigan?
*lol* Freetranslation is funny ... sounds kinda backward like.

"Where you are in Michigan living?"

My current dwelling is located in the north western suburbs of Mo-Town.
Where are you?
Here is the link to the thread I started in the Husqvarna Forum.

It is all in german and translating it via google unfortunately failed.
If you want you can post questions in english there. A lot of people know english there and everybody is happy to help with any issues.

You see there a diagram from a SMR450 in the second post. Measured is rear wheel power! (with rear tire inflated to about 35 PSI I would think)
Red is stock [email protected] 8243rpm
Blue is a SR-Racing Collector with a Husaberg FE 650 Muffler, rest stock 41.7kW @ 8461rpm

Husky Forum

You can see that less restriction actually gives the bike more power over the whole range and gets you over 50 horses 500 rpm sooner than stock.

I hope there'll be somebody showing up with results for the 510 too.
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In this Dyno Run they did nothing except exhaust according to the guy who ran it.
I have already contacted the guy that owns the shop that made the mods to get some more info. Maybe they have info on the 510 as well.

If the stocker 450 runs easily 50 horses the 510 should push a little more than that.

We'll see. The TC cams did always make a huge difference on the older TE610 ... very often though guys just got a TC engine and slapped the 6 speed trans from the TE in. Don't ask me why though ...
Just got an interesting email from the shop guy yesterday.
He said that the Akrapovic exhausts are not really all that good, 1.5 horses gain at max is what he experienced. Not really good for an exhaust that produces about 100db noise.
The only bikes they would really increase power is on KTM??

I don't understand why a lot of race teams use them then.
Maybe he didn't dial in the carburetor good enough then...

He says that SR Racing makes some good power at reasonable noise level. If anybody is interested to learn more I can get you in contact with the guy. He is in Austria.

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