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Europe Only?

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Not any more.
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congrats...that thing is purty!
Wow!!! Jealous:D Let me guess...your old smr will now be your dirtbike??
Sounds like two people are jealous.Nice bike Jax :bike:
actually, it's an xc-f with the smr parts on it.
but it still looks good, nice bike jon.
Nice looking bike Jon, but that one looks a bit different than the Euro models....forks are the wrong color, and the shroud decals are totally different. Nice job with the 05/06 US spec front Behringer with the braking caliper, but that is supposed to be a Magura unit. Nice job though, how does it ride??

Nice bike Jon.
Kevin is the winner! I knew it wouldn't fly on this board. I rode it for the first time today and it definitely has more power than the old bike, especially on the bottom end. With the SMR front end and shock it handles almost identically to the old SMR. KTM of Gresham gave me on old set of SMR decals and I couldn’t resist. Thanks guys.
You got my bike Jon.... !! :D

Take the flames off the fork guards...thats soming K-Mead would have on his bike.....:rofl:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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