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Greetings everyone. Long time reader, 1st time poster in SMJ. I have a question I’m hoping you guys can answer. I have a 2009 610 sm with over 21000 miles on it. I love this bike, I ride it everyday (live in SoCal, so yes EVERYDAY) but lately it’s just been feeling tired. Other than the normal “quirks”, (i.e. cam chain, cam chain tensioner, balance shaft nightmare and constant maintenance) she’s never giving me any problems. So that being said, I recently picked up a 2000 610 TE with 8,000km (yes the od is in kilometers) which sat for over 3 years. Purchased from original owner who is in his 60’s, who bought it brand new and primarily used it for easy trail rides, was meticulous when it came to maintenance (and it shows) until he stopped riding and it sat in his back yard under a tarp. After cleaning the carb and changing 3 year old gas out (thank god for the plastic tank) it fired right up and this mother fu**er PULLS HARD! The old man said he did nothing to it, not even exhaust!! It feels like it’s got double hp of my ‘ So my question this engine swap possible? Can I install the ‘00 motor and keep the efi from the ‘09 or does it have to stay carbed? Everything looks the same as far as mounts and I know for a fact that I can fit the stator from ‘09 into the ‘00. Any advice would be great and if this has been talked about before, I apologize for starting another thread in advance.
Thanks guys
Toluca lake, California.
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