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engine covers powder coating ??????

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hi im thinking of having the engine coversof my sm 610 powder coated but was wondering if anyone has had it done as the oil level glass has a rubber seal round it and was wondering if it will still be okay at 200 degress just wonder if anyone has had it done thanks
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Should be fine. I've done clutch cover on my TL, and oil filter covers on my 690. No issues but I do it myself so I don't really worry about longevity, but both have no problems in the last couple years. Just need to make sure you mask off the mating surface and back side.
i did powder coating for a little bit and we baked our stuff at 400'
I would just call the Powder Coat dude and see what he says. It would sure suck to pay to have it done and it messes up the rubber seal. I would also check your Husky dealer to see if you can even get a new sight glass seal in a timely manner, if it does get F'd up.

Just my .02
I had the same issue with my old CCM, the powder guy said the glass would not servive the baking process:thumbup:
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