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EBC relocator bracket on XR650R

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I have an EBC rotor and relocator kit and the relocator needs about 3/4" of washers for the stock caliper to fit, have others had this problem?

Also, does it matter which way the buttons face, in or out on the disk? This only fits with them in. If they are facing out they hit the relocator bracket.

This bracket either wasnt designed for this bike or something on my bike is way out of spec.
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I had the same problem with my XRR and EBC kit....I put in washers at first to get it running and check everything, then I just ordered another set of bolts from the dealer and cut them down to fit with the relocator bracket. The button heads should face out on the disk.
I think your problem is the bolts were too long and the ends were hitting the buttons? I am having that problem. But I also have the problem where the caliper doesnt sit flush against the bracket, so I am having to put spacers in between them where the bolt joins them.

Also, with my buttons facing out, even with shorter bolts so they didnt hit the buttons, the buttons still are about a hairs width away from hitting the relocating bracket, are your buttons that close?

Thanks for the reply
I will have to look on my bike. They are close, but I don't think they're that close, it wasn't anything I was worrying about and I've had my kit on for over a year. Make sure the caliper pin on the relocator bracket is installed correctly and the caliper is cleaned of all the dirt. I'm not sure why the caliper wouldn't be sitting flush on the bracket. The only problem I had with mine was the bolts were too long.
I had to grind the ends of the bolts on mine. That was just so they cleared the buttons on the disk. Didn't have any other issues.
Here is a picture of the relocator on my 2007 XR650R. See where the washers are? Thats a stack of washers right in the middle of the picture. Is there metal on the relocator on yalls, or did a spacer come in the kit why yall got it? Thanks for the help.
:headscrat definetly do not have it put together the right way. If you put any washers on it they would go between the fork and the bolt head on the two bolts on the fork to shorten the length up of them. My 2000 xrr looks like this, all I did was grind down the ends of the two bolts that attach the bracket to the fork so they would clear the rotor.
Thanks for the pics, you solved that mystery. I cant believe I did what my picture shows, but the directions said to use the bolts supplied with the rotor/relocator kit to attach the caliper to the relocator. Im just glad the instructions didnt tell me to jump off a cliff.:poo:

THANKS for the help
I did the same exact thing on my drz400sm.
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