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well, i just have to say something about east coast wheels.
first off, with my current job i can spend alot of time online. they have a history of doing one of two things to a customer. either awesome customer service, or weeks without wheels. so you can understand my apprehension at initially calling them.

so i called around first. i had an unusual request.. i wanted to fit a Eagle/Talon front wheel from a CRF450 onto my CR500, and i also wanted a matching eagle/talon rear wheel.
i called motostrano. understandably they didnt want to work out the front end. they sell parts, and what im asking was for them to spend a decent amount of time looking up something for a part that only cost a couple bucks. its not off the shelf easy.
then i called a few other places, emailed online, etc.

finally, i called EastCoastWheels.. and i wish i did to begin with. As soon as they handed the phone to jeff, he instantly knew what i needed. talon uses the same hubs, axle size is the same, i just needed the CR500 spacers, and he hooked me up. I also ordered the rear wheel from him. He personally walked around to be sure that he had my hub in stock before i ordered. i paid over the phone on thursday afternoon. my wheel was at my doorstep monday. i was in absolute shock, after everything i read, he was by far upthere with the best mail-order/online companies ive ever worked with. He does have that Jersey accent, but he was a down to earth guy that worked with me in a professional manner..

he left such a positive influence that a week has gone by and i still felt the need to post online to let others know. People normally post when shit goes bad or when parts are late. it takes exceptional service for someone to independently post how good of an experience they had.
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