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I've sent Alex Napp about 5 e-mails since 7/1 and nothing........I think the're trying to say FUCK-OFF.:headshake:headshake:headshake
Maybe you need to take that 5 minute trip over there & tell him to his face how you & the rest of us feel.
You may want to bring one of those rubber thumb thimbles like the bank tellers use. He'll probably put you to work counting the giant pile of cash he still has in his office from the last few weekends at that facility.
He could care less about us. That new track is his baby for Karting purposes (he is ,after all , the karting director):rolleyes:. If he gets around to letting us use up the leftover dates at the end of the year, we're lucky.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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