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Ive had my 17 drz400sm from dealer, last year i did the 3x3 mod,jets and full mrd system and absolutely love it. All of a sudden in the middle of riding a average temp, average ride the bike no longer you allow me to do any heavy throttle. I can roll throttle on and full rpm range, and once slightly revved can really get on it, but from idle or low rpm I have to completely feather up! I have taken the carb out, checked the jets, the bowl, as well as checked fuel tank filter and air filter, with all boots tightly secured in.

Since the rejet and re-assembly the bike now only runs with fuel on Prime, and does not leak any gas or overflow, and even if left on prime has no issues. The carb has a hose coming out for suction i'
m assuming, but when i plug it behind the petcock the bike will not want to run either.. photo will be attached with that hose on top of the carb.

Someone has said it could be the throttle sensor in the wired black case on the carb- also shown... the bike starts, idles and can feather up perfectly fine wtf happend to my baby all of a sudden! I know the tank and fuel line is not connected in picture.
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