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2017 Husqvarna 701 SM
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Hey whats up. I am new here.

Got a 2017 Husqvarna 701 SM and added a Dynojet Powercommander 5 + Autotune a while ago.
Lately I started to log data while driving with the POD-300 display which is connected to the PCV.
Problem is when going full throttle from 3k to 9k rpm that the logged rpm jumps up an
d down. On the display of the POD-300 it's not jumping up and down.

This results in a not usable afr graph. Even with smoothening 5 in the dynojet software it looks like this:

Whithout smoothening you can see the actual recorded data points:

I can use autotune without any problems it works great for me but recording full throttle doesn't work very well.

I noticed the recording beeing a little slow. When blipping the throttle I can see afr changes on the display but when trying to log this there are no afr changes. It just puts the idle afr value in cells of higher rpm and throttle position (not the afr value which I got displayed on the POD-300).

Is there anyone who knows how to fix that or get better results when recording? Thought about getting a WB2 controller because there are way more editing options in the pod-300 for that.

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