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i ordered the FMF slip on through a local dealer. having no luck through distributors, he went directly to FMF. FMF says it is not yet in production as of now- July 26, 2008. FMF says it will be available in 2 to 3 weeks. but to be safe, FMF told my dealer check back in one month. so the E.T.A. for the FMF slip-on is the end of August.

i'll post up pics when i get it.

yep, xXRIDEXx- ...and only $900. the way i look at it is, it's a helluva lot less than and Akrapovic or GPR exhaust. but i agree, it's still a pretty big hunk of moola.

Some ppl say the Duke is a lot of money for what you get. i don't think so. if you add WP suspension, brembo brakes, marchesini wheels and a slipper clutch to other bikes, your tab will come close to the asking price of the complete Duke, or so it seems to me. so i think the Duke is well worth the asking price.

i hope to save some weight w/ the FMF slip-on. the weight savings is attractive to me. saving say, 5lbs of weight would be nice. even more would be sweeter. let me see, how much would titanium axles/bolts cost me to yield a similar weight savings? quite a bit i'm thinking.

happy riding on your KTMs everyone.

I think the Duke is worth the price as well. I think it's a great bike for my needs. I am also going the FMF route too.

what did you pay for ? i hope not $899 should be more like $799.. both the distributors dont even list them yet..
Will you be getting these Bio?
1 - 11 of 169 Posts
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