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drz sm rear suspension height question...

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hi there,
i am a newbie.... so please be gentle....
i have just bought this bike yesterday, mainly because it was a bargain.. my first venture into supermoto, my previous bikes have been R1's....
i have been through the pages looking for an answer to this and was amazed not to find the question asked already, or maybe i just didn't find it!
does no body else think the rear end looks, well not quite high enough? is there some kind of lift kit available for it ?

Many thanks for any help given!
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If you still have the stock rear fender extension? The Edge taillight is a nice addition.You can get it from www.wheelingcyclesupply just ask for Forrest. This tailight assembly is easy to install and cleans up the rear...

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Thanks, that does look great, and i will definatly get one, but i want to know if the rear suspension can be raised a little....
is there some kind of lift kit available?

Thanks again.
I have only seen kits to lower the rear, not raise it. The suspension links below the shock is where that is done. Take a look at yours and see if maybe yours were replaced with the lowering links. The lowering links I have seen (check ebay, there is usually at least one set on there) look like they are cut from billet where as the stock links look cast.
I think the big ass gas tank makes them look too low in the rear
disregard this post, I was unable to delete it
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