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Finally ditched the can to ebay with that thing.

time for a REAL speedo. :)
I'll avoid the usual talk-thru and just hit the high points.
I got the 752-301 kit, which is for the DRZ, and is the "stealth" or black kit.
The Tach/Power wires are identical--but the female plugs on the unit itself are labeled.
From what I understand, depending on which kit you get this may not be the case--the tach and power wires may be totally different.

Quick thoughts:

Instructions: They're good. I'm a techie, not a mechie, so these were great.
Also, they give multiple ways of doing things like the tach and speedo.
Built in contingency plans? Sweet!

Mounting: The kit comes with a slightly chinsy but functional plastic mounting system.
I'm not posting pictures of how I did it, but if Dr. Seuss and Ruby Goldberg had a love child it would look like my mount...mega jinky.
Anyway, the reason I had to do that was because the biggest mounting ring (and the good folks at Trail Tech give ya two), won't go all the way around a set of Renthal Fat-Bars. It will snap on like it's going to, but when I put the screw in it was too short and wouldn't thread properly. Perhaps a longer screw would fix this. The kit also comes with a smaller clamp too, but that one was useless for my application. So, if you have fattie bars, be warned--ya may have to mod something(s).

In the long run I've got fantastic plans for a nice aluminum mount but we'll see what happens.

The speedo is interesting. I mounted my sensor to the fork guard...easy enough.
The magnetic bolt went right in to the disc, but as said before by another Junkie, the head of the bolt tends to be smaller than the disc bolts, so it sinks in some. Maybe a washer is a good idea?
The sensor cable fits behind the fork guard nicely, but it is a tad long, so wrapping it up behind the headlight is pretty much a must.

The temp sensor for the DRZ kit is a snap--it screws in to the top of the OEM radiator on the left side. Routed cable along the frame, easy and done.

The power was also pretty easy--my wiring is a mess, so finding a hot lead was easy.

The tach was interesting...I decided after reading a few threads that wrapping the wire around the plug cable probably would be ok, but it could be jumpy, so I decided to wire it into the coil. I tinned the leads and then smashed 'em flat to make them fit in the coil clip and under a bolt for the ground. The wrap may have been fine, but this seems pretty steady...the tach may be indicating high though, but I'll check again in the morning.

My program stats are as follows -- hope this info helps others doing the same mod.
Tire size entered - 1895mm (17", 120/70 Dunlop, and yes I measured thrice)
PPR - 1. (This was confirmed by several google searches)
High Temp Warning at 212F (Found on a TT forum from a DRZ owner with a Vapor)
Critical Temp Warning at 230F, which is the default setting (also found on the TT forum).
Shift light set at 8000 RPMs -- this from a review of the DRZ with mods, which states that the big power kick is from 5K to 8K.
Over-Rev light set at 9500 (though the rev-limiter kicks in at 10,500 from what I'm told. I figured safe>sorry).

The wife is home though so the test rides have to wait till tomorrow.

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