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i got the DRC Edge tail light kit and the 12 O'Clock upgrade board.

-side cover
-remove seat , seat strap
-remove the bag thing on top of the rear
-remove rear fender, there are 2 bolts right behind the seat mounting bolts. get to them from the under side of the fender. 2 bolts at the rear most of the fender.
-remove the tail light/license plate big assembly. i think it was 2 bolts on top after removing the rear fender

-installing 12 0'Clock board. remove the tail light from the mounting plate. at the back of the light remove the 3 small screws. Use the right screw driver or else they will strip.
3 bolts holding in the original tail light board. 2 for the main board. 1 for the small plate light board.

-slide out the wire cover and pull out the board and harness.

- 12 0'Clock board does not have the small plate board. it is all in one unit. once installed make sure the plate lights are angled down and out a bit. mine came with the lights bent back in inwards.

- slide the harness into the front of the mount. reinstall the light cover(red or smoked). slide the wire harness cover on.

-mount the drc tail light plate by using the 4 rear most mounting bolts. the first set is mounted from the top. the rear set is mounted from the bottom.

- now run the wire harness through neatly and cut to lenght. i ran the DRC harness all the way to the relay area under the seat. this way i can hide all the connectors and harness.

-Now for the finishing the harness.

i got the extra connector kit for $10.95(i think it was) you get the brake connector and both turn signal connector.
-DRC had wire harness instructions but i like to check all the wire colors first. so get out your test light. make sure which is your constat power and which is your signal.

DRC has the Brake signal as: blue/yellow but on my bike it was blue/white.
constant is Red
ground is Black

left turn signal is: White. Oem harness is the black connector. use the green wire
right turn signal is: Blue. Oem harness is the grey conenctor. also green wire

-installing the pins;
- brake connector. hold the connector with the release pin up and the rear facing you. use the flat blade pin and insert into the connector. crimp side pointing to the right.
-turn signals. hold the pin with the little lip facing up. insert pin with the crimp facing down. use the right side of the connector. see pic.

connect all 3 connectors and try out the light.

now go through the program mode. hold the brake then turn the key to "ON". then quickly pump the brakes more then 10. it will go into program mod. hit the brakes to change the turn signal settings.
- turn the key off when you get the settings you like.

-reinstall everything

your now done. enjoy it.


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I´ve recently put mine on. I love it! Cleans the bike A LOT compared to the stock light. I ordered mine directly from 12oclocklabs and everything came installed and ready to plug and play. The whole process took only 15 min.
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