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I have two dealerships in my town selling each one of these bikes and I'm a bit torn. Before I elaborate, let me explain the specs of each bike and their price.

2011 Suzuki DR650SE- $3995
14,000 miles. Well maintained. Previous owner is a good friend of the dealership and took great care of the bike.

2017 Honda CB500X- $4495
2400 miles. Looks very clean.

So here's the dilemma. I really want a bike I can Sumo. The DR definitely fits that mold. however, I'd like a bike that I can take on trips and do some ADV riding with. I know the DR is very reliable and plenty powerful, I'm afraid that it's carbuerated engine will be more of a fuss to work with (especially if I ride at different altitudes).

On the flip side, the Honda is fairly new street bike that is fuel injected, 6 speed and more than capable of doing any kind of distance riding. Unfortunately, it's not something you're going to customize too much and even if you do, the off road kits for them are expensive.

What are everybody's .02 on this? Is the Honda worth getting at that price or should I go with the DR and deal with a few of the shortcomings that bike may have, but still be able to customize it?
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