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DR400E or DR650

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Hello all, first post here and am a sportbike rider who's ready to convert (within the next week or 2) to motards. I currently own a '96ZX7R but got bitten by the motard bug after going out to a track weekend and watchin the motards.
I currently have a line on a 2001 DR400E already fully motarded but I ride the hwy 5 days a week to work (1/2 hour each way) and am worried that the abuse of hwy riding (120km/h) might kill the 400 over time so I am wondering if I should go into a 650 (2000-2001). I don't plan on racing competetively but would like to be able to stay close to the pack when I go out on the track for fun. I'm also worried about the lack of motard parts available for the 650. Also if it helps I am an experienced rider (off and on for 17yrs) and I'm 6'3" 205lbs. What should I do?
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I have a 97 DR650 (which I love), but my friend's DRZ400 is just as fast if not almost faster. It doesn't feel as torquey, but is definitely as quick and is about 50lbs lighter. If you are thinking about going to the track, I'd buy a DRZ. Plus you can actually find parts. The 650 is the red-headed stepchild of the aftermarket world. :hammer:

As far as the highway speeds, just change your gearing and you should be fine.

BTW, if the power isn't enough for you, you could always get the Yosh 450 kit!!!

Good luck. If you have any other questions let me know. Happy to help.
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