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DR400E or DR650

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Hello all, first post here and am a sportbike rider who's ready to convert (within the next week or 2) to motards. I currently own a '96ZX7R but got bitten by the motard bug after going out to a track weekend and watchin the motards.
I currently have a line on a 2001 DR400E already fully motarded but I ride the hwy 5 days a week to work (1/2 hour each way) and am worried that the abuse of hwy riding (120km/h) might kill the 400 over time so I am wondering if I should go into a 650 (2000-2001). I don't plan on racing competetively but would like to be able to stay close to the pack when I go out on the track for fun. I'm also worried about the lack of motard parts available for the 650. Also if it helps I am an experienced rider (off and on for 17yrs) and I'm 6'3" 205lbs. What should I do?
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Have the KLX (green DRZ), I ride it to work every day (used to be a 50 mile loop), have the MT 440 kit and no rides great. I can jump on the freeway or take a windy goat trail. I love the versatility of the bike. Get a DRZ and rip it up. Enjoy.
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