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dr350S lights wont work correctly

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1990 dr350S: So I had 2 wire harnesses and tried the other one before running it through the frame, but have everything connected. It worked fine, hi/lo worked and blinkers worked. Perfect! When i got it all through the frame and connected everything together, the results differed.

New Werkers 12v 1.3AH battery.
The LO beam no longer works.

HI beam works, BUT causes turn signals to not work. So when It's on LO beam, turn signals work (have a universal heavy duty round relay from Autozone, VERY SLOW, Unnoticeable blink.)

****I have not connected front blinkers.

Does anyone have a clue why the LO beam does not work? The bulb is fine.
And why the blinkers cut off on high beam?
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