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When I frst got the bike, it ran very strong with the cut air box mod and progrip exhaust, BUT did notice the backfiring, which is why I have been playing with the carb.

I moved the eclip on the jet needle DOWN one notch to remedy the popping. I got to ride it today and the throttle will cut out if I open it up. I can give it a real nice steady twist at idle and it would do some coughing/sputter. The "blips blips" of throttle do fine and sound nice though.
I can ride it but it would cut out or begin to cut out if I twist too much. I know there is a 140 with the airbox mod and progrip exhaust.

TO check the spark plug, I did not do the coast in low gear then kill the engine, but rather let it stall after the coughing from a round about in the yard in 1st and 2nd. The plug was a a dark brown with tint of grey on it.

So could that move of the eclip be too much fuel?
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