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Did anyone see the Suzuki DRZ400 SM in person..?

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I see all the hype on forums.....I see it advertised in magazines......

But has anyone seen it in person at any of the motorcycle shows..?

just curious....
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saw it at the toronto motorcycle show a couple weeks ago. not very impressive. but i'm not a suzuki fan, either. the yellow is not attractive, and the black doesn't look as good as i thought it would. the price is ok, though (i think it lists at $8000 something canadian). but for $2000cdn more, you could have the ktm, so why bother??? ;)
I really miss my country sometimes... but not the prices... that bike in Yank bucks is $ 6095.00 sorry man, If you want to move down I'll sponsor you
are you an ex-canadian??? how did you manage to get to the u.s.??? hook me up!!!

actually, i normally find (i.e. when the exchange rate isn't what it's at right now) our stuff to be cheaper. but the ktm prices seem to be comparable right now, anyway....
Ex Canadian ?? never !!! Ex resident yes......I would never lose my Motherland status......I'm dual....... the immigration officer told me If the US and Canada ever went to war I would have to fight for the Americans....... I said not a problem ! I'm an Ex bouncer, I'm used to dodging flying beer bottles
yeah, you yankees love your war!!! hehe.... ;)

why would you want dual citizenship??? i can see why i'd want it (i.e. to live/work in america)...but an american??? :)

i'd give anything to live in california...or somewhere else where you can ride year round...this sucks. december's not even over and i think it was -2 (or less) celcius today. brrrrrrr. no snow to speak of yet, thank god. but it's going to be a long winter. and our summer this past year was crap.
Im learning more about Canada than the DRZ s/m in this thread....
ok...i'm really drunk...

and suzuki's suck. ;) so who cares??? lol...

you've got 2 a KTM, or build you're own. :)

and it' fu&ckin freezing here today! i just put my g/f's bike to sleep tonight! (honda hawk gt's fecking rock!!!). hehe..

and for all you scots here....i was mixing up irn bru martini's tonight... harhar...don't ask....
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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