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Did anyone see the Suzuki DRZ400 SM in person..?

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I see all the hype on forums.....I see it advertised in magazines......

But has anyone seen it in person at any of the motorcycle shows..?

just curious....
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It was a normal speedo, I sat on it in seattle as well..

for the price tag, the Husaberg 650, Husky 610, or the KTM smc are only a few bucks more, and your getting at least a 200cc bump, Way newer frame/bike technology, and lots of shiny bits (Magura Hydraulic Clutch, brembo's etc)
brian said:
Josh, check out the link for prices........

The Husky 610SM is a "few" bucks more.......
You should hang at this site more often........that other site is............ :hammer:

Yeah, and the 625 is right in the middle.. at around 7200-7500...

I'm just saying there's a lot more bang for the buck.. if you look around.

AND YEAH, they're :hammer:

I'm talking to they boys in Idaho about a 05-625 and I'm gettting serious about getting rid of the TL.

so yeah, I'm around a lot more these days.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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