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My apologies to anyone working a petro station...

Hail and well met! I jumped ship in late april, indefinitely ( as far as i can see ) vowing to not ride an inline 4. I picked up a 08 690 SMR after all taxes / titles / dealer fees for the MSRP of a SMC - good story to go w/ that price :

I call my local KTM dealer ( only one for like 60miles ) and say (footnote version ) : Hey m8, I've got me an old 1999 cbr900rr getting fat on me britches, i'm looking to trade the Ole' Battle Axe in and get me a propper SMC, can you dig it my man?

Them : Jolly good show sir, bringeth thine elder beast yonder and we will gladly make the appropriations for your 2008 SMC steed.

..... our hero mounts the Ole Battle Axe and rides forth, unto great adventures of dealer haggling and financing..... *tune in next time as the saga continues! - queue commercial *

Anyway, I get there and I'm talking to the guy, we start getting squared away about trade in value, etc..etc.. ( the flipped the bike in 4days, easy sale imho ) and he says : ok take it around back and have the service dept give it a final once over before i can give u an absolute trade in value

Take her around back, shake hands with a few peeps, talk about how ill miss her, her paint, etc..etc.. walk back to the show room

Lo and Behold : No SMC.

Me : WTCraps m8?
them : OOOOO i thought u meant SMR
Me : Son of a .....
them : shit man sorry, this isn't some bait and switch technique
Me : ( thinking : sure it is. ) I really am only interested in the SMC
them : /fiddles with computer, "yeah we're not getting one in... till... says here ... end of may maybe, and it looks like someone has a 800$ deposit on it, if you're willing to put more down, we can give the deposit to you -- lol wow.
me: I'd rather just take my chances somewhere else
him : Well the SMR is almost exactly the same as the SMC, thers - ( i cut him off )
me: yeah extra weight, pillion pegs, some minor electrical differences and of course, bodywork. ....

i get up from his desk and walk the showroom floor. I check out some 600s ( big Jap I4s ), a 08 Duke ( nice bikes, not my schtick tho, i wanted a sumo ) and i take a gander @ the 990 SMR, 690 Endro, and the 990 SEnduro... all nice, just not exactly what i wanted - i didnt want another liter bike - pointless except for track days.

I come to the 690 SMR - i like the looks ( pointy is my thing, i also LOVE datsun 280z's and in fact im restoring a 1978 datsun 280z :bike: ), i like the feel....

Go back to the dealer, score 2.3k for the cbr900rr trade AND get the SMR after taxes / title / fees for the 8995$ MRSP of the SMC. To show good faith, I did purchase the 5year warranty.

Love this bike, sometimes i think : what if.... ( smc ) but w/e i love this bike and the price was right.

anyway some back history :

Started riding @ age 17 - suzuki GS500e - friend crashed it ( learned motorcycling's most important lesson : do not let anyone ride your motorcycle, ever. )

graduated to a ZX-6D
eventually a YZF 600R ....
eventually the CBR900rr
and late april here we are.

I've done about 13 track days, all on the YZF or CBR ( most on the CBR ) - never raced. Total cumulative motorcycle mileage - i've probably ridden about 130k miles on street bikes. Looking forward to putting a shit load more on sumo's.


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he made more money off you with that warrenty then he probably did selling the bike.
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