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DCTC Supermoto Vid

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Still perfecting my on-bike cam but it is spitting out video now.

DCTC Supermoto
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Mr.Sparky said:
That was cool. All those nice corners and you passed the gy on the CBR on the straight :thumbup:

At these trackdays, there is no passing allowed in the corners. You gotta do it on the straights. That makes it difficult to pass a liter bike with 150hp on a thumper.

On a supermoto you can reel them in with ease in the corners, then they blast away from you in the straight. Although you've usually caught them by the next corner already.

Eric is a great rider, he'll outbrake the sportbikes and get past them before the other rider turns it in.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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