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DCTC Supermoto Vid

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Still perfecting my on-bike cam but it is spitting out video now.

DCTC Supermoto
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bayoubikebruiser said:
Nicely done! Good to see you reel in and eat the crotch-rocket.
I wish I had video of the session before I snuck out on the track and got the footage you saw. Expert session and guys where dragging their knees all over the place and myself and a guy on a CRF450 where railroading past them. I'm about ten or 15 seconds a lap off of that pace in this video because my tires where really going south but mostly because my clutch was slipping (the bad way) on the back straight and who knows where else.

It rained in all but two sessions today so it was a bad video day but I did learn about a short-coming in my camera set-up that I'll have to sort.
Jolly705 said:
What program are you using to play the video? I can't load it on my pc or mac???
You must need to update your copy of Quicktime.
McMucker said:
great vid bud
be nice tohave a mix of on boardfootage and some shots taken from trackside and aslo seeing you have it mounted to the fender... WHY DID I NOT SEE SOME WHEELY CAM?? Point that thing to the heavens :clap:
There are no wheelies because my slipper clutch was slipping the wrong way. Turned out the nut holding the inner clutch hub had come lose on me.

Next time I'm out there I'll get some better footage. :D

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Flyin2low said:
The sportbike didn't seem to be trying too hard, especially on the straight where he was being passed. Where is the the 'backing it in' action, no peg scraping? You don't need a good clutch for that...........
It's a test video: duh.
chachi243 said:
:arsenal Cool Video!!! Im sure peg dragging at a tighter kart track would be unavoidable.....although clapped out Dunlops dont grip for @#$%! That track looked like a pretty wide open track, i thought i only heard 4th 5th and 6th mostly....what was that gearing on your husky again Eric?
My bike is running 16/42. With 207s, the lowest gear I'd run is third around the bus stop, the carousel and turn 1. With 208GPs I'm able to pull another gear around most of the corners except for the bus stop which is still 3rd gear and a quick bang into 4th while still keeled over.

I’m geared a tad too tall for this track and have to short shift 5th gear to be in 6th for the front straight.
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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