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DCTC Supermoto Vid

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Still perfecting my on-bike cam but it is spitting out video now.

DCTC Supermoto
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bayoubikebruiser said:
Nicely done! Good to see you reel in and eat the crotch-rocket.
whatever gets you off i suppose but lets keep that kinda talk outta here :headshake
Jekyll said:
I think he was being sarcastic, bruiser. I cant see the vid. Computer wont let me. Sounds good anyway.
ya think?? :clap: :lol:
.. well alright it was a crap joke to begin with :hammer:

If your having trouble viewing the vid just try quicktime player it should sort it out for you ;)
:thumbup: :D

great vid bud
be nice tohave a mix of on boardfootage and some shots taken from trackside and aslo seeing you have it mounted to the fender... WHY DID I NOT SEE SOME WHEELY CAM?? Point that thing to the heavens :clap:
thats the idea :arsenal

now what you gotta do next is go out on the hour every hour approaching midday and aim to get the sun mid frame. Then you can build it up and truely claim to be doing 12 o'clocks! :laughingr :clap:
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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