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Well RJ bit the bullet and bought a tard too. We made a Dragon run today. The place was literally overrun. When we pulled up at the Deal's Gap store there were about 150 bikes in the parking lot. We met some really cool people, and had a lot of questions about the SuMos and how we liked 'em. As you'll see it rained right before our run, and there were five cops in an eight mile the roads were trashed where the ditches overflowed. But we had a lot of fun everywhere but the Dragon. We saw the stormclouds before we ever got there going down 28. But we planned all week to ride today, and a little rain wasn't gonna stop us.

Oh yeah, my camera died a long time ago. Rather than buy a new one, I've decided to see how good I can get with the camera phone.

Somebody left a perfectly good DRZ out in the who'd do that?

RJ says this is his "dry spot"...if I want it we'll shoot it out for it :D We were told they got four inches or rain in an hour

There were some Apes running loose today

"Will you just look at that, they took a perfectly good dirtbike and went and put street tires on it!" :infrandom

There was a crazy fog set down on the river on the way home, so I got a little camera happy.

Dam it



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