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I think DFW is a good spot!
Road Race on kart tracks.
Is based out of Houston and has races in Houston & Denton(local).
Has a RR series and a SUPER MOTO series
There RR group is in OKC & Tulsa
The SM series in brand new this year! 4 Races, the third race is in Tusa this weekend!
The forth race is at Cresson just south of Fort Worth!

No local RR tracks to practice at, but plenty of parking lots.

No local SM tracks to practice at, boon doxx has a mini moto X track thats black land and I can almost drag my knee in the dirt at that place.
Lots of fun to take your RR machine & leathers to the moto-X track a freek every one out with those SLICK TIRES!

Any way this is draging out DFW is Great, Im able to run the TMGP full series as well as the Oklahoma Superbikers Red River Super Moto series with No Conflicts.

We need more minis to show up! Ill be there.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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