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Cycra's web site said this is a new mounting system so I thought I would post my install experience.

Here's Cycra's picture of the brackets:

Here's the clearance on the left side on my OEM handlebars. You can see there is minimal clerance at the clutch adjustment:

Right side:

Front view:


Both of the supplied expanssion bolts were way too big to be inserted into the handlebar ends. I had to drill out the cether of the bars. This was a big hassle.

I did not have to cut off either the clutch or break leaver but I had to rotate the guards and the levers to one exact positon to get it to work. I want to try and bend it out just a little right at the clutch adjustmet.

Idealy the guards should be rotated up more. but clearnce did not allow this without cutting off the leavers or bending the guards.

Overall I'm happy with the install.
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