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Custom LED Headlight

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I have 3 prototype headlights up for sale that I made out of a run of 5. These are my attempt at creating a high output headlight for dirt bikes with small stators or battery only systems. Namely to address the issue of compromised lighting output because of battery or wattage issues. Each one of these were hand made and assembled by me.

The housing is made of 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized coating. A IP68 connector on the back and EPDM rubber gasket on the front are used to provide a seal
against liquids. The screws, bolts and hardware are stainless steel for extended wear resistance.

The unit allows configuration of multiple current outputs as well as push button output levels. This allows the light to customized for different systems and provide an overall output of 1450-1850 lumens OTF with 23-31W maximum power consumption. With the push button output levels you can quickly change between high and low to further reduce battery or power system requirements when it's not needed. The unit also allows strobing at different output levels in situations where you want to be seen, perhaps in high traffic areas. The beam pattern on this is also rather tight compared to most LED lights. It's roughly 9-10deg total width. OTF is defined as net lumens out the front of the unit. My rating is bench tested total ouptut - 25% for all potential losses.

Specs for the 2 assembled units:

8v-16v DC Input
1650 Lumens OTF
6 XPG LED ~4500k
Dual or Threeway Power Output Levels
Normal or Strobe Output
Adjustable Battery Voltage Cutoff and Low Voltage Warning levels
Adjustable Thermal Management
Reverse Poloraity Protection
Output Short Protection
1.2lbs Assembled

I have 2 units assembled as of right now and 1 waiting to be assembled. The 2 assembled units can be configured for 1450 Lumen 24Watt/Hour or 1650 Lumen 28Watt/Hour maximum consumption. The unassembled unit can be configured as above or an additional 1850 Lumen 31 Watt/Hour max consumption. I will also program the units with battery monitoring for voltage warning and cutoff for your specific setup.

You will need 2 things that aren't provided to run this light. The first one is a Momentary Switch to operate the unit. A standard push button kill switch like the one pictured below is the easiest route. You can find them for under $10 shipped on ebay. However, you can easily find 100s of different kinds of Normally Open Momentary Switches online if you want to integrate it into a panel or gauge cluster. The second thing you'll need is a headlight mask. This light is specifically designed to mount to the KTM/Husaberg mask pictured below. You can get this mask from or other various online sources. It includes all the hardware to mount right up. If you choose not to use this mask then the dimensions of the unit are 5.25"x3.75"x1". The unit has mounting holes on the sides and extra space on top and bottom to tap more if you want to custom mount it to something else.

The price of these units are $200 shipped. This is lower than I intended on charging but I had some issues with the anodizing company and the unit didn't turn
out quite as expected. Because of that I reduced the price and included shipping.

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