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Cuddybackville Memorial day?

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Anything for the minimotos this weekend?
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I am not sure about mini's but I know of a few 450's that are going, including me. I hope the weather holds.
yeah me too. hope we get some minis out there.
saturday there is open practice, like any other weekend, nothing special. if the weather keeps nice, we'll have 2 guys on kitted XR100s for sure. Hopefully some fast guys will show up too so I can learn something :thumbup:
i would like to go, but am working, plus the bike is apart, waiting for parts. when is the next practice, and is there a minimum # of bike to run?
There are practises just about every weekend check out for the schedule, since it is an open practise it does not matter how many people show up. They rotate with Karts and Pocket Bikes.
yeah they told me the sessions were 7 minutes each - how do you get your tires warm (not to mention my old joints) in 7 minutes? what is that like 5 laps?

looks like we are going for sure.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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