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ct70H engine build

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Hey all another topic im sure someone has already done one on this but i have searched high and low and found nothing to help me.

So im going to start racing i purchased a 1972 ct70h engine for my builder so i could leave my stock engine as is. So my question is how to build a 108cc engine out of this beast, TB sell the 51mm crankshaft and the 88cc bore kit so sounds simple right wrong! mike from TB says the 51mm crank should fit my cases but i cant use the 88cc bore kit that is specified for my application because the piston was different . so this is where im stuck i need help putting together a list of parts for the build. I have built engines before but they are usually more application specific this seems more like a puzzle.

If anyone could help me id sure be grateful
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Check out They specialize in the Honda horizontal singles.

And to figure out what you need.
thanks i figured it all out. i am ordering parts as i go. just finishing a stage 1 88cc build for a friend to make some money will post pics when done.
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