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cross posted: KTM as a motard

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so i posted this in the newbie section and nobody replied, sorry if this is spamming:

i have the opportunity to get a 1995 KTM lc4 400 RXC reasonably cheap. i've looked around at conversion costs for motardation but my concerns are about the KTM as a practical daily driver?

i found a thread about oil changes being a PITA on a good day. what other quirks are there?

how well will this bike be suited to express way speeds (45mph) can it do freeway?

i'm looking for something low on the maintenance intensity scale, and my riding is mostly around town with occasional trips to the twisties. also, i'm a fairly large guy, 6' 250lbs (working on converting it to all muscle)

any insight is appreciated

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I ride a '95 rxc almost every day. It makes a great around town driver, but right not it has a 14 tooth front sprocket and 50 tooth rear so it revs out around 60-70. It does make plenty of power though and I put on 17" wheels, 320 titax rotor, big gun exhaust and I am about to mount dunlop gp tires. The only problem I have had is the clutch cable, I would definitely buy a spare. Check out for more info and discounts on parts.

p.s. oil changes are not exteremly simple, but not as hard as some people make them out to be, as long as you have a small tube ot fill the frame, its quite simple.

p.s.s. late model lc4's share many of the same parts
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