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yes its pics yet but she is a comin!!!!
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They announced it officially last night. Has both e-start and kick, 255lbs, $6999, available in Feb 2005.
Dad ass! Does anyone know how hard it is to get a dirt bike plated in MA?

On second thought, I don't need another project.

Cool as it is, I don't think it would make a good street supermoto (too maintenance intensive for a daily rider), and it's too heavy for a racebike. It'd be one helluva fun dirt bike though.
it's not that heavy. put a new pipe and some other goodies and it could be a great race bike that when dropped would start right up again. i can't count how many races have been tossed when my KTM wouldn't start again.
This bike has an electric start and a kick shaft!! Sweet action :thumbup:
The X is actually only 15 pounds more than the R version. The X was weighed with all it fluids and the R was not. I learned that from my local dealer who had just gotten back from the Honda Convention.
I read an MFG article on that X model and they said it had a much wider usable power band ?? I'm turning into a wuss I am hating kick start.... especially with muddy /wet boots......
I think I read in Dirt Rider that Honda increased the oil capacity.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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