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It's stupid but my new CRF450 is different from my last bike. I need to replace the coolant on my 450R. I imagine that I do the following, but someone please tell me if I'm missing anything. I'm worried about leaving air pockets in the system causing overheating. So is this all you do? --

1. Open radiator cap
2. Remove drain screw
3. Collect radiator fluid (being conscious of the environment).
4. Reinstall drain screw
5. Poor coolant into radiator to proper level
6. Install cap
7. Tilt bike over at least 20 degrees both ways to let trapped air go up
8. Start bike for several minutes
9. Check fluid level, replenish if needed to proper level

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Pretty good checklist there. If you are changing from green coolant to a track approved coolant, you need to add the step of a flush or three with clean water. I have been hit at tech for having traces of green in my water wetter.

Also- after step 5 you should skip to 7, then 8. Let the bike warm up fully until the thermostat opens (on bikes equiped) and you will see a lot of air come out sometimes. Pop the throttle a few times and see if more comes out. I let it cool down after that, restart with cap off and then install and ride when up to temp again.

Also, I like to remove the drain screw first which lets coolant barely dribble out. Then I open the cap after a bucket is placed and the water can shoot out without spraying all over my hands.
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