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CRF Susupension

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After months of waiting for SMR magazine to be sent to me in Australia from my sister in was all worth it. I now have lots of questions........

My question is....has anyone done the suspension mods to their bike similar to Bostrom's CRF? By that I mean revalve/heavier springs, but not lowered the suspension stroke, only lowering the bike slightly with an '02 link arm and by lowering the forks in the triple clamps?
It seemed simple - I just wondered if anyone else had tried it.
Also - it seems like a lot of people are using the CRF in the states - has anyone tried putting a 5-speed tranny on their bike? I know a guy who has a YZ with a fifth gear fitted.......I was just wondering if the TLD team etc still use a four speed gearbox?
Is the jury still out on a 5.5" rear rim over the 5" rim?

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Are there many differences in setting up and 04 to an 05?

Are you using the stiffest springs available? 0.49kg fork springs? What about the rear shock?

And is there a general spec for valving - because there aren't too many suspension gurus in Australia on the west coast who know supermoto.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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