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I am new to supermoto junkie. Thanks to all for posting all their tips and info on CRF 150Rs....I used a ton of the info I found on here. I just finished my build last week. The bike I bought had aftermarket risers on it. I am gong back to the stock clamps that go on the stock triple clamp. Does anyone have a pair of stock handle bar clamp caps they want to get rid of? I would like to buy a pair....but don't really want to go to the Honda shop and over pay. I am currently borrowing a friend's caps who's bike is tore apart in my garage....He will be pestering me for them soon.

Here are a couple picks of the bike (I have a double piston 450 caliper up front now, had wrong bracket at first). It is mostly done....I need to send the forks of for valving soon. I am completely new to riding pavement (other than on the street). I had it up at USAir in Shawano, WI last week....what a blast! I can't wait to get some more track days under my belt....I have a ton to learn.

Anyone know a decent time for a 150R at USAir?




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