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cr80 xr100 conversion

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Hello list,
I am new and would like to know what I need to do convert my CR80 into a SUpermotard.
I need wheels, bigger brakes, suspension set up who do I send it to????

What are your suggestion.

Hope to dice with you racers soon.
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bmxr said:
What club do you guys race these in?
I have a KX85 and just mounted the Perillie MT75s but will be adding hever springs but everyting other than that is stock. I had a small wheel with the
17/1.60 front and added the Big wheel rear rim (excel) 16/1.80 in place of the stock 14" wheel. We here on the Gulf coast have a club called and there will be a seires of many races at 4 or 5 different tracks.
If you go to the video on the sight you can see me on the KLX125 (Josh Hayes) doing a small stoppie for a very short clip Im also in a few other clips.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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