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CONWAY SPEEDWAY - Myrtle Beach SC pictures

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Here are pictures of the NEW Supermoto track near Myrtle Beach SC. Their web site is
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Unfortunatly I cannot come on June 25th. I have a prior engagement. But, I talked to Gary and he is very excited about SM. He thought that last Sunday was the most exciting race they have held. I am sure they will be doing a lot more SM. Hopefully I can get out there next time.
I will be back. Any racing is good racing. Are you going to The endurance race w/SEMRA June 4th? I will be there for that. I might make June 5th as well, but I will for sure be at the endurance. See you next time.
Hey Steve,
I didn't make the last one. I am going to shoot for Oct. 1st and maybe the one on Sept 17th. I also want to run SEMRA on Sept. 25th, so I am going to have to do some careful planning. If I can only do one it will be Oct. 1st :D
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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