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O.K.... Here are the deals of the year. (Thru September)

Brand New Talon hubs laced to Black Excel Rims... $800.00 !!!!

We just brought in a HUGE supply of Rims/Hubs/Spokes at a GREAT price and we are passing it on !!!
Sets DRZ -
Sets YZ -
Sets CR -
Sets XR -
Sets KTM -
Sets KX -
Sets RM -
Sets HSK -
Sets HUS -

Black Excel Rims and Spoke Combo $500.00 (to lace to stock hubs)

We have Black Excel Rims - Front 17 x 3.50 ... $ 125.00
Black Excel Rear 17 x 4.25.......$ 175.00

Plus all the other wheels available... (Behr, Haan, Z, X, Excel, Marchesini, Morad, Sun, Akront...)

Need a Talon Hub... Call - GREAT PRICING !!!!!


Jeff :thumbup: :thumbup:

BTW, Anyone who purchased a rim and spoke set within the month of August will receive store credit as a way to include you on the deal and for thanking you for your support!!

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I just bought a YZ426F in dirt trim today. Your timing couldn't have been better. How much do you add on to lace up a 5" rim for the rear rather than the 4.25"?

Are you open on Saturdays?

I will be calling you.

Thanks for helping the sport grow. Being from the Midwest, we are just starting to experience some growth in the Supermoto area. Our club is working on the local cart track owner to put in a dirt section. I look for our rider numbers to really increase through the rest of this season and the start of next season. I have some ideas on how to tap into the MX guys as well as the local OHV clubs. Thanks for helping us make the transition from dirt trim to Supermoto trim a little more economical.

Thanks again.

Paul G

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Timing is everything!! I think the deal you you got was even BETTER, I'm still trying to explain it to the accountant!!! :D

We are working on another huge deal right now (not wheel related) that will be great if we can close it...

(it's a real pain dealing with overseas suppliers...)

:thumbup: :thumbup:

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redrider691 said:
Brian are you the one that bought the Berg wheels form johnleach?
Yyyyyup..... Akront wheels.......(rotors, complete front brake and Avon rear slick) heres a pict.......I call it my economy racer :infrandom :lol:
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