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Central Iowa Motoracing schedule is up!!

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We finally have our track day schedule up. April 16 will be the first track day. We run everything from pocketbikes to open class Supermotos. The track is configured to allow the use of a dirt section without contamination of the paved racing surface. We run alternating sessions of pavement only and full course riding.

Check our website for more info. Fee for track days is $30.00 per rider per day.

We have been doing mini roadracing for over 16 years, and have reciently added the dirt section to accommodate the Supermoto enthusiasts.


Paul G
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Man that looks like fun. I'm originally from Marshalltown, actually closer to Dillon (tiny spot halfway between Marshalltown and LeGrand) I think I used to "walk beans" in my uncle's field where the track is now located. That was a little while ago.... Hope to come up there sometime and check out a race.

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