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Finally got the CBR wheels machined, installed, and running. Added some color (home made decals) to the big BOSS tank as well. I am pretty pleased. I think it all turned out ok.

Man that rear tire just fits in there. There is a bit of a trick to get it in!

The decals are Avery industrial laser printed labels at about $1 per page. They are scratch, water, and solvent resistant. We will see how long they last? Each side is 6 separate 8.5"x11" pages cut together. You can see the seems when you get up close, but otherwise looks ok.

What do you think?

Just finished the local Kawi high performance riding school. What a blast!

Lil berg in a sea of sport bikes. A little intimidating at first

First time out riding on a track. I wasn't "backing it in", but I was a little surprised to see a hot, sticky, peeling, scuffed to the edge, tire! Particularly on a bike I was riding. SO I had to take a pic.

What a blast! Highly recommend it to anyone who spends any time on the road!

Once I get some riding in, I will post the specifics on how the wheels and spacers were machined.
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