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YOU CAN BUY TIRES NOW + ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP for $xxx (Membership + 1 Front and 1 Rear tire)(**)

If you need tires, now is the best time to get them. We're making it as affordable as possible for racers of the series. I'll place the order ~2 weeks from today (2/6/16)

Tire Compounds
First up, Metzeler compounds. Names are potentially a bit subjective, bottom line is the smaller the number, the softer the compound.
It sounds as though for our racing weather the K1 front and rear will be the best all around option.
2014 Article on tires
CSM Tire Info Page

K0 (Rear Only)

Rim size is 16.5" or 17" for Front
Rim size is 17" for Rear

After ordering, I will distribute tires to everybody in the greater Seattle area. We're saving money BY NOT shipping tires around to ourselves. If you absolutely must have tires shipped to you, we can arrange that.
If we have numerous orders from Oregon riders, I will either make a weekend trip down to Portland, or hand them off to a local member. We'll agree on something (before they change hands) to get them to you.
I can also bring tires to the track. (TCKC practice in march is the first opportunity)

Members will get the best price (PM myself or Debi for pricing on set/individuals)
Non-Members $415 a set. OR 188 Front, 225 Rear
Non-Members $450 for Membership + 1 Set tires
Prices include sales tax.


We can accept PayPal, though their fees will take money away from the series.
For Cash/Checks please contact Case.

To Join/Purchase here
Post, PM or Email ([email protected]) the following:
Please list Front + Compound + Size and/or Rear + Compound
eg: Front K1 16.5" and Rear K1
Include name AND email

** Rains are available. They come only in K1 compound, and only 16.5" front, the rear tire is 172mm wide and will have a hard time fitting.
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