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Cascade Locks Event Details

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Event Details:
Entry Fee: $65, includes tri tip steak dinner saturday night
Saturday: Registration Open from 2-4pm
As soon as the kart races are over, we will have an hour of practice. Since they can't plan exactly when the races are over, I would highly suggest you be ready to ride by 3pm.

Registration 7-8:30am for those who didn't make it down for saturday practice. Our practice, heats and mains will be within the kart mains (their heat races are on saturday).

There are some details of the events that everyone should know:
1. This is an exhibition race. It is for fun and to have a show for the fans. I want everyone to go fast, have fun and show off.

2. The dirt section has gotten the kobash from the city. They didn't want to repair the damaged grass afterwards. So, this will be a pavement only event.

3. There is limited pit space, so be prepared to have limited supplies (unlike the karters, we don't have to pay for pit space).

4. We are invited guests (as a group) to be a part of the event. We are the "side show", that they fully expect will steal the show from the kart races.

5. I expect and in fact require that the drama level be low.

Here is the final entry list for Cascade locks. The list has changes slightly from last time. We have found space for a few of the guys that were on the waiting list.

Entry NumberName:
Ron West
Kurt Hansen
Mark Russell
Brett Fladsedth
Bill Ballaster
Darrin Gauvin
Art Hewig
Dave Kemp
Paul Lammer
Jeff Annen
Doug Annen
Mike Annen
Jim Styskel
John Tanner
Cory Hunter
Ryan Pugh
Brett Hallstrom
Kevin LaFavor
Kevin McDowell
Gary Ricci
Kris Nordstrom
Bill Brand
Chris Ray
Kevin Conord
Tyler Sandell
Mike Deilke
Jason Dahners
Nic Oghe
Doni Wanat
Brett Canfield
Dustin Gatten
John Desimore
Brian Coleman
Bob Reinen
Mark Skodje
Mark Balentine
Travis Oghe
Wes Dobias
Richard Miller
40.Promoter reserved

I will send out directions and how to get to our pit area as they make the final determination of where it will be.
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Just gimme a halla if you need an extra hand bro!
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