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Details, gimme details. How do you guys feel about this? How did everyone find out? What happened to the spirit?!?

Damn, I would have stood in the rain and flagged... I sure hope the wind has not been taken out of our sails this season.

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the turn out was super low and if you came through Woodinville you might have turned back then. When I left my house this morning it was raining very hard looking more like a heavy winter storm than an end of summer sprinkle. I needed some cash and on the way to the bank there was some flooding in the normal areas but generally that only happens in pretty bad conditions. Wippers were on high and I was getting bummed. By the time I hit Monroe it had lightened a lot, but not enough.

I'm guessing and didn't really think to count at the time, but it looked like maybe 25 people showed up. Enough for a good BBQ ... not for racing.

The race being canceled will impact the year end points, but what the heck, there's always next year. :)

On a good note though, we got to ride on Thursday and we get to ride this weekend in Centralia! That's going to be awesome fun!
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