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Calling Jeff at East Coast Wheels...

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Obviously you've gotten a lot of heat from on-line forums lately, and have seen the posts regarding order delays. I am not flaming, or accusing, but I would like the most truthful, honest answer you can provide....

How long is it REALLY going to take to get my rims? I ordered blue Excels about 3 weeks ago, and was quoted a 1 week delivery. I understand you are having problems with your vendors, and believe me, no one knows how that goes better than I. I work as a sales engineer with a pump distributor and there is nothing worse than being in the middle of an angry customer and a vendor who can't/won't perform. However, it is your responsibility to get a solid answer as to when you will be able to provide the product. I have been told to call back three times now, and each time I have been told they will ship 1 week from that day. Other people on this forum are claiming that they've been waiting for weeks or months, some even up to 6 months. Is this the case?

Please, I am asking only for a straight forward answer, and I don't want it to be "one week from now" unless that is absolutely, 100% the truth, and you are willing to stake your life on it.

My bike is currently in the garage on a stand with no wheels, because I believed the first lead-time that you quoted me and sold my stock rims. Consequently I am missing riding, track, and practice days until I receive the rims. Please let me know when I can count on them being here.

My name is Ben Leonard, and I ordered two blue excel rims, size 17x3.5 and 17x5.0.

On a side note, if your anodizing vendor is treating you this badly, give me (and every other angry customer) their phone number. Sometimes when a vendor won't peform, it helps to have the end using customer call them and complain directly. I realize this isn't always ethical in sales, but extreme situations require extreme reactions, and this certainly seems like an extreme situation.

Thank you for (hopefully) listening.
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keep us posted backdrifter!
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