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I have a few suits.
Dice Racing one piece- good suit for the $$. Unfortunately he quit selling them and unless he happens to have a left over in your size you are SOL.
AGVSport 2 piece with full zipper- Got it on clearance from Competition Accessories ($300). Sems good enough for a low $$ suit.
AGVSport 1 piece Roadracing suit- good suit (they are a sponsor :thumbup:) but as mentioned it is not cut right for SM riding.
Teknic 2 piece with 6" zipper in back- This is what I wore all last season to race SM in. It held up to several :rolleyes: crashes with no problems. Never had any problem with it riding up. If tech allows people in MX gear to ride then you should have no problems with a 2 piece.
2 piece (forget the manufacturer, I bought it in 1981 or so) insulated- this is strictly my winter riding suit, but it did hold up real well when going through a barb wire fence in 1985.
Don't forget a GOOD back protector, those little pieces of foam that come with the suits don't count.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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