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I am having trouble dealing with these people and thought I would see if anyone else had ever dealt with them.I bought a camera from them off ebay it has been over two weeks and nothing.I send them emails and try calling but nothing until Wed.I finally got an answer.Just about shocked me.This lady told me how sorry she was and promised that she would ship it next day and that I would have it on Thursday.Guess what still no camera. :headscrat It seems like a common trend anymore.You send on line retailers your money and then have to fight to get what you ordered. :2hard I think they do not stock anything.When you place your order then they will order one for you or they might wait until they get a big order.If they would just be honest with you it would not be so bad but instead they just try dodging you until they can come up with your order.It is sad.
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did you check their feedback prior to bidding? it's not the end all. but it's kept me from bidding on some of those "good deals." let us know how it turns out. good luck.
They look like good cameras... I'm in the market for one as well, let me know how it works out........
I have Sidi boots on the way that are taking 3 times the length of time they said, ( I called yesterday and told them they are lying sacks of shit...... I have a Pro circuit can that came a couple days ago and doesn't fit my Pro circuit exhaust.... called the internet company and he said Oh well call the MFG.....same comment again from me....... I'm done... back to the local shops on the easy stuff.... and stuff like your camera ??? I guess ya got to take your chances......... But your accessment on what they stock is correct.... they don't stock shit...... that bitch is prolly sitting in their garage having a beer, lying to you.....Can I call them for you ??? I'm definately in the mood :boxing:
My daughter called and said it came today. :D I did get a reply to an email I sent them this morning telling them to refund my money back to paypal.That seemed to get their attention.It is sad that it took that to get a responce.
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