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This is sort of a feeler but if I have serious offers I'll be more than willing to let this go. I have a street hooligan kit and never got the chance to get it on the bike. I'm currently out of the country studying and need some funds. The kit is currently at my parents house.

READ: This technically isn't the full kit because I've used the chain, so you're on your own for that.

* Excel Rims laced to Talon hubs (17 x 3.50 front, 17 x 4.25 rear)
* Continental Supermotard Conti Force Tires; ALREADY mounted and ready to rock. They still have the nubblies!
* Tube set
* EBC 320mm Racing Front Brake Rotor (mounted on wheel)
* EBC caliper spacer kit and brake pads (FOR 06 AND EARLIER BIKES, 07+ you guys need a different caliper relocater and brake pads)
* Rear Wave Rotor (mounted on wheel)
* Blue Stainless Steel Brake Line
* 44 Tooth Rear Sprocket (mounted on wheel)
* Acerbis Supermoto Handguards - (WHITE)
* Acerbis Supermoto Front Fender (WHITE... although the white doesn't match Yamaha white plastics... you might want to consider a black fender or perhaps another brand if you have a white yami; the fender is already drilled to fit)
* Motostrano Stickers!!
* Front and Rear axle Sliders

All in all, i paid just over $2400 including tax. I'm looking for doing a clean sale at $2200 shipped to 48 US. Does this sound reasonable? If you're close to Central California you can pick it up and save.

I wish I could take pictures but I'm thousands of miles away from home! If you are seriously interested, let me know and I can line up some pictures no problem. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for looking.

p.s. I found this picture of the front wheel just as a test fit/mockup.
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