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Brake Parts Questions

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Thinking about rebuilding the front brake on my 06 Husky SM510R and trying to make sure I have the parts around before taking it apart. Spent some time this morning looking around and can't seem to find a list of parts for the front caliper or master cylinder. Went to Halls site and the fiche only lists the caliper and the pads so no luck there. Any suggestions on where to find the parts?

dust seals
main seals
brake pistons

Also, does anyone know the EBC/Vesrah/Any other brake pad manufacturers part number for replacement brake pads for this caliper? I roadrace this bike and I was thinking of getting a slightly more agressive than stock pad.


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I would look on the Brembo site for a fiche for individual parts for the caliper. I have only heard good things about the Vesrah pads, but have no idea where to get them
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