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Body Weight compared to engine size

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The title says it all. There is a DRZ-SM and a 625 SMC for sale near me. I hear a lot of people say the DRZ doesnt have a lot of guts, but at ~140 lbs will I really notice? The DRZ is $800 cheaper and is obviously easier to find parts for, hence my question.
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The DRZ will pull you along just fine. Check out some riding vids, they can fly :thumbup:
Depends on where you're using it and what you're comparing it to. My DRZ feels slow compared to my SV1000, but it feels like a freakin' rocket compared to my DT175.

It's fine for most riding, but won't have the pull of the KTM. It'll wheelie and outrun most city traffic. And you can always upgrade it later if you're so compelled.

Oh, and for reference, I'm about 220 lbs.
The DRZ is a great platform for modding, there's a huge aftermarket. I used to want a ktm, or just any 450 really, but since I installed an MRD pipe, FCR carb, HotCams, and Stainless lines, I LOVE the thing!

625s are awesome too. Way more power outta the box, and more high end parts. The DRZ is, and does feel, lighter though, and is less vibey. I recently rode a 625 and it was pretty cool, but I still love my DRZ!

If you can find a DRZ with a few mods(pipe and carb at least) already done, I think that would be your best choice, but you really can't go wrong either way.

Good luck. :thumbup:

Edit: Oh, and I'm like 143ish, before gear.
Thanks for the replies guys. For reference the DRZ is jetted with a full yosh kit and the guy took two teeth off the back sprocket. It also has HIDS, new front fender, and cleaned up rear. Some nice goodies already.
Curious what the SMC is priced at and what year? I've got my eye on an '05 with Akra cans.
The smc is a 2003 with ~5k miles on it. New shrouds and just have the valves done. The guys has it listed for 4300. The DRZ is listed at 3500 and is a 2007 with 9k miles on it.
Thanks. The one on my radar is priced at $4,800 ~8,300 mi. Super clean with some extras that can recoup some coin:hmmm:
Sounds like a deal. A 625 would be nice because Ill have to make a multi hour rides like once or twice every few months, but I figure I can deal with a DRZ
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