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Bike set up/adjustments/need input

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I went to the Grange today and rode a friends 525 and I was faster on his bike then mine (Both '03 KTM 525s), but it gave me a clue as to what I need to do to mine.

His bike is much stiffer, especially the rear. In the back section (where you come out of the dirt when it's open) my bike kind of weaves and feels like it'll wash out if I give it more gas. I could just roll it on alot harder with his, it was firmly planted. So...I need to stiffen the rear!

There's a Red spring on the back of my bike instead of the stock white. I dont know if thats stiffer or softer? Anyone? Trachy #357...if you read this I'm the one that bought your KTM. Where should I start people...any input appreciated.

Also...if you're not bored yet, there's something else I want to fix. My friends bike rolls on the throttle A LOT smoother, but it seems as though mine has more low end grunt. He has something bolted to his carb which I assume is a powernow deal. Do they help?

Thanks people...I'm trying to get faster!
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Have you adjusted your sag, and clickers? Also, the spring should be labeled with a rate. I would imagine that Trachy wouldn't have a softer than stock set-up, since he isn't a little guy. Maybe he just installed a straight rate spring. ...did Trachy revalve the suspension?

The PowerNow should help with the lowend, so maybe your friends bike is just jetted better...that is if your bikes are the same otherwise. ...did Trachy do any engine mods?
I havent adjusted anything..I'm a moron when it comes to suspension. Race tech did the suspension and as far as engine mods, it may be ported/polished. I've had the bike awhile and cant remember everything he told me about it.

I do know that I pull on another 525 w/ a fresh top end.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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